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Creation Mathematics

Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 7 months ago

Definition: Creation Mathematics is the branch of mathematics in which the verses and phrases of the Bible are taken to be premises.


The Fundamental Theorem of Creation Mathematics




π = 3





Advantages of Creation Mathematics


  • Nobody expects you to balance your chequebook.


  • Many proofs are shorter, and theorems otherwise unprovable are trivial.


And these include some very, very useful theorems. See below!


Corollaries to the Fundamental Theorem


1 = 2


Proof left as an exercise for the reader.


I am the Pope


Proof: The Pope and I are two, therefore the Pope and I are one, therefore I am the Pope, QED.


You are the Pope


Proof similar to the above corollary.


Bob's your uncle


Proof is beyond the scope of this elementary introduction.


It wan't my fault that the bridge I designed using Creation Mathematics fell down


Proof: 1 = 2, therefore 0 = 1, therefore if one bridge fell down, no bridges fell down, and if no bridge fell down then it can't be my fault, QED.


See also Ridiculous Numbers.

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