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Page history last edited by Andrew Alder 12 years, 7 months ago


This is an index of the photos on Umipedia


It's out of date. But who cares?


If you find a photo here that you'd like to keep, lucky you. Link to it if you're lazy, and it might be here next time you look, and if your luck really holds it might not have been changed and really messed up your carefully designed web page featuring it.


If you want to be really conch about it, download it to your own site. Your probably know how to do that, and if not tough.


If you want to be really, really conch about it, you could try to find it on Google and contact the owner about using it. Google is De most compwehensive image seawch on de web, which gives you some idea of how hopeful the whole idea is.


Um, no, actually, this is the index


Photos deleted from Wikipedia



We may someday get around to adding a few more galleries. But don't hold your breath. Well, you can if you like. We respect your right to choose.




Copyright is too important to discuss here. If you want to use an image and copyright matters to you, tough, you shouldn't be here.


On the other hand, if you own an image here and hope to enforce copyright on it, that's really (ho ho) sad (ho ho ho). Um, we'll try. Send us a message and say what you'd like us to do.


Would you like us to remove the image from the site? Oh, that will really help. Delighted. We're sure you'll then have lots more fun finding out which website we got it from, and who else has got it from us and put it on their website, and that they'll all be just as interested in helping you as we are.


Would you like us to link it to your email address, so you can ask all the spammers who will then offer to enlarge various parts of you in exchange for money whether they'd like instead to pay you to use your precious photos? That's an even better one (ho ho ho ho).


Do you think copyright really sux? Please be fair. The copyright authorities have just about come up with a formula that allows copyright law to be useful again following the invention of the photocopier. It still needs a few tweaks, but they'll soon be ready to start the process of getting it ratified internationally. After they finish that, it will take them at least a million years to understand the Internet and what it means to them. So come back then.

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