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probably not famous people

Page history last edited by Andrew Alder 6 years, 1 month ago


This page reads like a serious article. Scroll down further. We get over it.


Unimpedia is a good place to look for famous people. Because you'll never find them here, but hey they don't need your help anyway. They're famous. Much better and more democratic to come here, and read about some real losers.


Wikipedia contains articles on people who are famous for many different reasons. But in order for someone to be the subject of an article in Wikipedia, only two things need to have happened:


  • Someone has written the article.


  • There has been no consensus to delete it, at least not yet.


That's all. So from time to time Wikipedia contains articles on people who are not famous at all. Most commonly these are articles written by the subjects themselves. There are several reasons they do this:






Any one of these is sufficient on its own, but often it is a combination of two or more, or even all of them. And there are other reasons too, but these are the main ones.


Wikipedia discourages people (however famous they may be) from contributing articles about themselves. Genuinely famous people will have others wanting to write about them. However, it's very hard to police this, especially as we are very happy to have genuinely famous people update existing articles about themselves.


Less commonly, these articles may be written by other people, again for various reasons, some of them more innocent than others.


Wikipedia practices a limited amount of tolerance towards these articles, whoever writes them. Exactly how much tolerance is good is the subject of a vigorous and ongoing (and possibly never-ending) debate. Some challenges these articles present are:


  • Some people create multiple websites and userids in order to give a false impression of fame. They may write unfavourable as well as favourable reviews of their privately published or non-existent work. (Genuinely famous people are most unlikely to find the time for such things, of course.) While we have methods of identifying these, they are time-consuming and fallible.


  • The definition of exactly who is famous is problematic, and as Wikipedia is not paper there is no reason to delete genuinely borderline cases.


  • Some borderline cases are people who are not yet famous but will be soon, and it is impossible to predict who these are.


Here at Unimpedia we are a lot less tolerant. You can't be tolerant if you really couldn't care less. And we don't.


So what to do?


If you find an article in Wikipedia that seems to fit the description above, there are two things you can do:


1. link the talk page to here


Wikipedia articles which link to this page are ones that someone has suggested are about a person who does not really qualify for a Wikipedia article. But again, this is no 'guarantee' that the subject of the article in question is not famous. It just means that someone thinks they are not and wants to warn you to consider this carefully. Whoever this is should have put their reasons in the article's talk page, which is accessible through the Discuss this page link at the bottom of the article in question, and is probably where you came from to get here anyway.


The suggested text for linking to this page is:


It has been suggested that this article is about someone who is not famous. You should exercise caution in relying on this information.


which is produced (in Wikipedia) by:




''It has been suggested that this article is about someone who is [http://unimpedia.pbwiki.com/probably%20not%20famous%20people not famous]. You should exercise caution in relying on this information.''



2. move the page here


But, if it matters that much to you, it's probably not appropriate.


List of articles moved here


This list may not be completely accurate or up to date. Or it may be. Or we may not really know. Or care.



List of articles of unimportant people with articles in Wikipedia


All the links in this list should be broken. If you find an unbroken link, big deal.


But the article is already deleted from Wikipedia, or isn't even written yet!


Great! Why not write one specially for Unimpedia? Particularly, write one about yourself. It's important not to insult other people by suggesting they're not famous, and important things don't belong here.


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